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If you're looking for expertise in software localization, Translation Bees will be delighted to work with you. We identify the localization solution best suited to your requirements, ensuring full compliance with your specifications.
Software localization is a rapidly evolving field and trends dictate that localization providers must be a step ahead of innovations in hardware and software infrastructure. Familiarization with how countries and regions use and adapt to technologies is an indispensable skill. Without the knowledge and experience of a region's technology profile and practices, localization becomes ineffective.

Our core competencies in localization are supported by highly skilled providers with university degrees and/or certification, advanced CAT tools, contextual resources, and term bases (clients' and our own). These are the resources that enable us to accommodate large volume projects in various file formats. Our clients have expressed their appreciation for our personalized approach.

Translation Bees also provides excellent quality translation services to boost your productivity. Collaborating with our customers with a high degree of professionalism and enthusiasm, we spare you from poorly executed translations typically delivered by inexperienced translators and agencies that work on "assembly" mode.

Talk to us about your localization and translation requirements. We'll listen and make appropriate suggestions. Click here to find out why Translation Bees have become the buzz word in the industry.

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