Translation Bees: Your Go-To Resource for Translation and Localization

Translation Bees started in 1999. Initially, it offered localization and translation services in three target Mediterranean languages:

Thanks to its solid reputation and unwavering commitment to clients, Translation Bees quickly transformed into a full, multi-service provider, expanding its client base and language pairs to include most European languages.
Our core competencies lie in software localization and technical translation of varying complexities, but our capabilities allow us to offer services that fall in the realm of "hard-to-find" skills and non-Roman languages.

We remain at the forefront of technological advances so we can offer our valued clients a totally flexible service package: we serve multinationals, small to medium-size companies, groups and individuals engaged in different industries, who serve end-users like Microsoft, HP, Google, Sony Ericsson, LG, and others. We also serve clients in the following domains: business and finance, social sciences, marketing, and more.
We owe our success to loyal clients who have given us repeat business. And there's only one phrase that explains our growth: frequent customer referrals.

Salit Levi: Founder of Translation Bees

When Mrs. Levi graduated from Bar-Ilan University in Israel, she noticed the glaring lack of quality in Hebrew translations. Given that there is presently no organization that governs industry norms and standards in this field of endeavour, numerous localization and translation inaccuracies are commonplace.
Translation Bees is the outcome of her eleven-year effort to make localization and translation accessible to clients who have a difficult time finding the most suitable translators for their large scale and complex projects.

Mrs. Levi graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and holds a Master's Degree in Translation and Interpreting Studies. She is experienced in quality testing, engineering and programming and has perfected her software localization and technical translation skills by pursuing her career both as a freelance and in-house translator for Israel's leading globalization companies.

Translation Bees Team

Only qualified translators with university degrees and tested fluency in their language pairs are added to Translation Bees' database of service providers. Native fluency and in-depth, proven knowledge in their declared field of expertise is a top priority; familiarization with localization and translation theories is also an essential skill.

The team has access to terminology bases and linguistic tools including industry-standard computer-assisted tools (CATs) and platforms.

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